First look at Apple’s iPhone 12

We’ve compiled every teaser and sneak peek of the Apple iPhone 12 here. The iPhone 12 was planned to be released in Autumn 2020, but Apple has been reluctant to commit to a release date and many believe the phone’s release will be pushed to even later in the year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple is not the only technology company to be hard hit by the pandemic, as both Microsoft and Nintendo have reported difficulties, such as delays in their manufacturing processes. Many industry insiders believe Apple will push its launch by a month, and the iPhone 12 will be widely available in November. Apple rivals Samsung, on the other hand, appear to be going ahead with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as planned and have not announced any intentions to delay their summer release.

For the new iPhone 12, Apple fans can expect to see a smaller model according to Apple. For the iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max, however, the phone is expected to be significantly larger than the iPhone 11 pro max.

Instead of the three cameras on the back of the iPhone 11, Apple has moved to a quad-camera, with the addition of a LiDAR sensor. The LiDAR sensor has been introduced to allow iPhone 12 users to capture 3D environmental mapping in real-time.

Some Apple fans may be sad to learn that the popular iPhone 11 Midnight Green colour will be replaced with a Navy Blue colour. Time will tell how successful the new colour will be, as no doubt many people will miss the Midnight Green shade.

Inside the iPhone, Apple is launching its biggest performance upgrade in years. The new iPhone A14 chip will help facilitate the move to 5G. Apple will integrate 5G into its pricing structure, without increasing its asking price for each phone. In fact, Apple will actually cut the entry-level price of the 5G iPhone 12, which will no doubt be causing its Android rivals to shake with fear.

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