Samsung set to release new S11 handset in early 2020

All Android lovers will be very excited to hear of the latest news from Samsung around their Galaxy range of handsets. The company has confirmed that the new S11 model is scheduled for release early this year with a big launch party ready to showcase it to the world on the 11th February 2020.

What can we expect from this new Galaxy handset?

Although there is not much confirmed news from Samsung around the spec of this new handset, teasers of information have been leaking out online. The first bit of news to take on-board relates to the name itself! Although it had been rumoured that the company may call it the S20, many people feel the S11 is the more likely name.

The recent introduction of 5G on mobile networks is something that the next generation of handsets needs to be designed to handle. The great news for Galaxy fans is that the S11 is said to have a cutting-edge Snapdragon 865 processor inside. This allows the 5G network to be used with this handset and should make it a phone with mass appeal. It does seem pretty certain that, as with the S10, an S11+ model will also be announced at the launch party in San Francisco.

No price confirmed as yet

While no pricing structure has been confirmed by Samsung, industry experts have looked to the pricing of the previous S10 model for guidance. The S10, for example, was priced at £799 when first released and you would have to think that any new model would cost a bit more than that.

In terms of design, there have been a few leaked online renders which appear to confirm certain things. The S11 range, for example, looks set to have a smaller punch-hole camera at the front but a larger rear-mounted camera design. This seems to be a bid from Samsung to freshen up the look and feel of this new range of handsets. The display is also set for a revamp with dual-edge screen design being mooted and a 120Hz display for vibrant colours. Many also expect to see the company include not only a battery which can charge wirelessly but also support reverse charging.

Mark the date in your diary

While all the above may be true, the only way we will find out for sure is when the S11 and S11+ are officially launched on the 11th of February 2020. It will certainly be interesting to see what Samsung include in these new models and how they compare to the latest iPhone from Apple.