What to expect from the new iOS 16.1 update

Apple have only just released their latest update, iOS 16.1. It’s bigger than their most recent updates so far as there are some key features they’ve added that have never been included before. iPhone 14 users will benefit from unique lock screen status updates. In this blog, we list the main features of the new update.

Live activities

The first exciting feature of the new update is a Live Activities function for third-party apps. From your lock screen, you’ll be able to see sports scores, Uber status updates and many more notifications from your lock screen in a special banner. Newer iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro Max users will benefit even more from this feature where you’ll be able to see live updates without having to wake up the phone screen. Apple plan on gradually rolling out that specific feature over time on older models of the iPhone

iCloud shared photo libraries

Another key feature from this update is the long-anticipated shared photo libraries hosted from iCloud. This feature enables you to create groups with up to 5 people to share photos with. Anyone in the group will then be able to add, edit or delete any photos they want. A button within the camera app will also let you take any photo to automatically share to the shared photo library. It’s a great feature for family members and friends to instantly share photos and memories without using social media platforms.

Clean Energy Charging

With a step forward to further eco-friendly features, Apple has also introduced new charging software within the update. This new feature will try and select the best time when the lowest carbon-emission electricity can be used. It aims to try and help users become more aware of their carbon footprint and also try and reduce it.

To download the latest update, simply open the Settings app. Go to the general settings section. Select Software Update to see the latest update available to you. Once you have selected the newest update your phone will automatically download iOS 16.1.