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  1. Do you compare the whole market?

    Currently Foned compares deal prices from 12 merchants and are always looking to add more. If you represent a mobile phone retailer please get in touch with a member of the Foned team to learn more about integrating with us.

  2. What happens if I buy a 'locked' mobile, can I change the SIM/network?

    Yes — for a number of years now, all mobiles phone contracts in the UK/EU must have been sold as "unlocked" so if you've signed up to another network in the past, you can unlock your handset and change providers/networks at any time. You can keep your number too.

  3. Do you offer SIM Only deals?

    Absolutely! View all our Sim Only deals here.

  4. Some of the information you are displaying is incorrect / I noticed a bug...

    Foned is still in 'beta' so there may be bugs, glitches and other issues. Any feedback or bug reports are most welcome via the contact page.

  5. Do you sell mobile phones directly?

    No. Foned is a free mobile contract (plan) comparison service. You buy the mobile and/or open the contract with the vendor directly. We do not sell any mobiles directly to you - if you have a query about a handset or contract then please contact the vendor / network you bought it from.

  6. Do you get paid commission?

    Foned may receive a small commission for any referrals made. That is, if you click one of our links and buy that plan or contract, Foned may receive a commission payment for referring you. Not all partners listed on Foned pay a referral commission.

  7. I have other questions — how do I get in touch?

    The easiest and fastest way is to get in touch with a member of the Foned team here. We aim to reply within 1-2 working days to all queries.

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