3 of the best settings to tweak on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The S20 is the latest generation of Samsung’s popular Galaxy mobile phones and was launched in early 2020. As well as the standard Samsung Galaxy S20, you can also pick up the S20 Ultra too. The S20 Ultra is the ideal choice if you are into photography and want more camera features. It also has the biggest screen of the S20 range and has access to lightning quick 5G. The S20 Ultra is also packed full of settings you can tweak to get your new mobile phone exactly how you like it.

But which are the best settings to think about changing first?

Turn dark mode on

Dark mode is certainly one setting you should consider turning on. It is better for your eyes as well as helping to make your battery last longer. To turn this on in your S20 Ultra, go to the ‘Display’ menu in ‘Settings’ and select the ‘Dark’ option at the top of your screen. When this is on, select ‘Dark Mode Settings’ to set up when your phone will go to this mode or create a blue light filter for evenings.

Change the refresh rate

When you first turn it on, the refresh rate on your Ultra will be 60Hz. While this is kinder to your battery, it doesn’t use the power of this phone to its maximum potential. When you are gaming or surfing the web, it can be a great idea to change the refresh rate to 120Hz for smoother, quicker results. To do this, head to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Motion Smoothness’ in the ‘Display’ menu. When there change to ‘High Refresh Rate’ and you are sorted.

Alter the screen resolution

When you take it out of the box, the screen resolution of the S20 Ultra is a not too special 2400 x 1080 pixels. To really get the most from this smartphone though, you can change this to 3200 x 1400 pixels! This can be done by accessing the ‘Settings’ menu and then the ‘Screen Resolution’ tab in the ‘Display’ sub-menu. When there select WQHD+ and you will really see the difference.

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