4 of the best features of the iPhone 12

Looking at buying your next phone and don’t know which one to go for? One of the most popular additions to the iPhone family is the iPhone 12, which was released in October 2020. While it might be two years old, we think this gadget is still up to speed with all things modern and will not let you down on any job that needs to be done.

Here are three of the best features of the iPhone 12, and why you should get your hands on one today.

Better camera

Did you know that the iPhone 12 has a 12-megapixel f/1.6 main camera? In fact, it had the fastest aperture out of any iPhone when it was first released.

This means that shooting in the dark is an option, so you won’t be met with fuzzy, blurred images when grabbing a shot of the beautiful midnight sky or your kids going trick or treating on the streets during Halloween, particularly with the introduction of Night Mode on the front camera.

Screen change

Before iPhone 12s, older installations used LCD screens. However, in this version, Apple decided to make the transition to OLED screens instead, which stands for organic light-emitting diodes. These are brighter and thinner, and also allow colours to pop more vibrantly than what they would on a different screen.

If you enjoy playing games or watching films on your phone, you will be amazed to see that dark details are more defined than ever before, and the image looks crisper as the action unfolds. This means that you will have a great visual experience when utilising this gadget.

Tougher to break

Even though the screen is still made of glass, Apple insists that these models are harder to break. This is due to the implementation of the ceramic shield, which protects the screen when the phone is dropped. The company behind these shields say that they are made from nano-ceramic crystals, which give them the appearance of glass whilst having the properties of stronger substances.

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