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iPhone 11 Pro Max Contract Deals – How To Find Them

You've seen the leaks, now you can order iPhone 11 Pro Max today on pay monthly contract, for UK delivery within 1 working day (next day available on many networks if ordered before 2pm).

We have a range of iPhone 11 Pro Max deals on contract/pay monthly and compare prices from all the major networks. This includes Vodafone (£22/month) and O2 (£19/month).

Not long to wait to get your hands on the newest iPhone around, aside from the relaunched iPhone SE (2022).

Summary points:

You've heard all the adjectives - amazing, groundbreaking and all the rest. Apple hasn't reinvented the wheel here, and certainly they haven't when it comes to the naming scheme: the new models are called, let's recap:

  1. iPhone 11
  2. iPhone 11 Pro, and
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max


Apple's keynote presentation was accompanied by massive applause from the numerous Apple fans on site.

Of all the iPhone models, compared to earlier generations, the "11" series of course have the best performance, the best display and the best equipment - despite that, the 11 Pro Max launch has meant that not everyone is satisfied with the rather meagre improvements when compared to the previous models such as the wonderful iPhone XS before it.

And it has left owners of the last generation of iPhone rightly ask the question: is the upgrade to the next one worth it? Is it worth the price?

Let's exclude Apple's marketing superlatives, and look at the new facts and figures, and then tell you if you need to upgrade now to a new pay monthly deal, or wait.

️‍🔥iPhone 11 Pro Max - Design

If you look at the new iPhone 11 range from the outside and compare them with their respective predecessors, you will notice that it is not always recognisable by their looks. To be frank, particularly when looking from the front, the new iPhone doesn't look much different in terms of design at all as noted by this review.

The displays are the same size and have the same resolution as last year, the Notch is still present and the same size as before and the display edges, especially in the "cheap model", the iPhone 11, have not gotten smaller.

A difference in the design is however more apparent if you flip it over, and look at the rear face - each of the three iPhone 11 models now has in the upper left corner a square camera module with rounded corners. Here it sits in the expensive iPhone models - with three instead of two camera lenses now.

In addition, new colours have been launched by the California tech giant, and the Apple logo has now moved into the middle of the device, which is reminiscent of the design of the defunct iPod Touch.

Whether the new design of the iPhone now looks any better than that of the "X" models, is a matter of personal taste.

iPhone 11 Pro Max - Display

In terms of displays, Apple is usually at the forefront. Here only the big competitors like Samsung can keep up. (Not many people know that the screens on Apple devices have nearly all  been made by the South Korean tech giant).

Nevertheless, as good as the screen is, here you will find again a lot of similarities to the previous models. So the screen size itself has been kept the same for all three iPhone 11 models, as well as the resolution. In addition, the cheaper iPhone 11 comes again with LCD instead of OLED, which obviously reduces the price but also the quality  somewhat. OnePlus the Chinese competitor offers a similarly decent screen quality on their 7 Pro model, but other than that, Apple is the leader.

Hardware - iPhone 11 Pro Max

As usual, Apple also gives us a slight update to the processor in its iPhone models. Thus, the Apple A12 Bionic has now been replaced by the Apple A13 Bionic in the '11' range, and according to Apple anyway, this will again offer  a significant leap in computing and graphics performance over its predecessor.

So both the CPU and the GPU is a good deal better performing than the last generation, which is great, but how much of a benefit does that really offer to the average user?

After all, the performance of the 2018 iPhone "XS" range was, and still is, excellent.

So the Apple A12 Bionic from the previous models such as the iPhone XS Max had in benchmark tests shown itself to be the fastest chip out there. The one thing we have noticed online from other reviews and videos, is that the real performance boost from the A13 is noticed by users, if at all, in very complex tasks, such as the rendering of videos and so on.

iPhone 11 Pro Max - Cameras

Probably the biggest focal point of the iPhone 11 models lies in the new camera setup. What does this mean? Well, all three iPhone 11 models now all come with an ultra-wide-angle lens, with the cheapest model now coming equipped with two camera lenses and the expensive models have three camera lenses.

In addition, a new night mode has been added, which automatically activates when needed. This isn't as good as the Night Mode we've seen in the newer iPhone 14 Pro Max, but then that's a given really, as it's 3 years newer.

What is considered an innovation by Apple fans, has in fact long been present in the world of Android smartphones: up to five camera lenses, ultra-wide-angle cameras and a night mode are already available in almost all high-end competitors such as the OnePlus 7 Pro or the Galaxy S10 Plus.

Nevertheless, the camera lens with 120 degree wide capture angle has never been previously installed in any other iPhone.

The quality of the camera lenses from the older iPhone models was by no means bad, and frankly there comes a point where we can go too far: ultimately, the next upgrade to photo quality would not be a new phone, but come from an SLR camera!

iPhone 11 Pro Max cost in the UK

How much does iPhone 11 Pro Max cost in the UK? If you go Sim-free you'll get a decent (Grade A) reconditioned or refurb iPhone 11 Pro Max for around £300 now.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max on pay monthly contract starts at £15 a month, with a small upfront payment needed. Most of these are refurbished, not new.

If you would prefer to spend a little more per month with less upfront then use the sliders above to find your perfect pay monthly plan.

Foned verdict: iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you want to experience reasonably exciting camera technology in an iPhone, then you should consider getting one from the iPhone 11 range. These are the first Apple smartphones with a wide-angle lens, and selfie fans will also get their money's worth with the new "Slowfie" feature.

The newer models have usurped these in many ways, but that should not be a surprise.

And being honest there aren't really many reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 11, you should probably look instead for an iPhone 13 or iPhone SE pay monthly plan instead, as this way you'll get notch-free design with the former, and 5G support with both.

Yes, you read that right, there is still no 5G support here with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Which is a shame, but there's always the iPhone 13 Pro Max which supports 5G and is similar to this model - prices for that are around £25 a month up.

Description from: Mobile Phones Direct

iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with Apple?s new Super Retina XDR Display across an immersive 6.5 inches. The same triple lens rear camera as the iPhone 11 Pro?s lets you do even more with your photography plus gives you up to five hours more battery than its predecessor, 2018?s iPhone XS Max.

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FAQs for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Deals

How much does iPhone 11 Pro Max cost monthly?

It costs from £17 a month but this is with an upfront fee. This price will drop as time goes on.

Is the iPhone 11 Pro Max a good phone?

Yes, generally speaking, if you are looking for a Premium phone then the iPhone 11 Pro Max is hard to beat. But of course this much quality and style comes with a large price tag.

Which 11 Pro Max colour is best?

That is for you to decide, but if I had to pick I'd opt for the Midnight Green. It's pretty rare - until there's a productRED colour anyway!

How soon will my iPhone 11 Pro Max be delivered?

The shortest delivery period among our monthly deals is next day. You need to order before 2pm to be eligible.

Specs for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Dimensions: 158 x 77.8 x 8.1 mm Weight: 226 g
Operating System:
Platform: Android Operating System: iOS 13
Resolution: 1242 x 2688
Memory Card: RAM: 4 GB
Talk Time: 21 hours Stanby Time: 20 hours Battery Capacity: 3500
Front Camera: 12 MP Back Camera: 12 MP
Connection Type: LTE GPS: SIM Capacity: 1
WIFI: WIFI Hotspot: Bluetooth: USB: