Coolest features in iOS 13

iOS 13 has a multitude of new and exciting features, such as a dark mode, redesigns of apps and a few we weren’t expecting. Here are some of the coolest iOS 13 features for iPhone.

Dark Mode

iOS 13 finally has Dark Mode, a new look which extends from a dark lock screen to dark widgets and even wallpaper! You can activate Dark Mode by manually turning it on from the Control Centre or it can be programmed to turn on based on sunset time. Once you’ve enabled Drak Mode, it is also enabled within apps, so your eyes can have a break from the harsh lighting.


Memoji is now a lot more diverse, as it now features accessories, new hairstyles and much more. However, the best part is that Memoji Stickers are now available everywhere. If your iOS iPhone is operating an A9 chip or higher, then it can generate a Memoji from within the Messages app. As soon as a Memoji is produced, Apple automatically produces a sticker pack for it, which is accessible from the Messages app and is put straight into the stock keyboard.

Revamped Photos app

Apple has revamped its photo editing and viewing experience. Within the Photos app, it has a stunning dark mode which puts the focus on the photos first. In the brand new photos tab, you’ll discover sub-tabs for Days, Months and Years. The Days tab eliminates all the clutter from your photo library and only displays the best photos for the day. It also hides photos of receipts, screenshots and anything that has text on it.

Siri improvements

Siri’s voice is highly improved, as it now uses Neural text to speech engine to create the voice. This means that it’s much smoother and easier to listen to. Siri is also more efficient when it comes to AirPods. When you receive a message, Siri will automatically deliver it to you and you have the option to instantly reply. Siri on the Homepod is also improving, as it can now identify multiple users. Multi-user support is accessible for music and more.

Photo: The Apple by Laineema licensed under Creative commons 4