A roundup of the best Samsung S20 camera features

The latest Samsung Galaxy lineup, comprised of three different models, was released in the UK on March 13. The S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra all come in three shades – Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, and Cloud Pink.

What about taking photos, though? We’ll be rounding up a collection of the best camera features on the base model, the S20, so you can judge for yourself.


Perhaps most impressive is the level of zoom offered by the S20. Gone are the days where 2x was the best we could do; the S20 offers not only 2x, but also 5x, 10x, and even up to 30x. While the 30x isn’t ideal for taking crisp, clear photos, it’s great for those that just want to capture something regardless of quality – for instance, a parent filming their child’s performance on a stage.

Smart selfie angle

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to take a group selfie, but not being able to fit everyone in the frame (regardless of how big the screen is!). However, the S20 boasts a new feature: the smart selfie angle. You can do this manually yourself by pressing the zoom button with the two trees near the shutter button; otherwise going into the phone’s settings will allow you to set the phone to automatically apply this feature whenever more than one face is detected.

Single take

If you’re someone that really likes to capture the spontaneity as it happens (because let’s face it – we can all tell when a moment is staged) then you’ll love the S20’s new single take mode. After selecting this mode, the camera’s intuitive AI will examine the scene and determine when the best moment is. It’ll then take up to 10 photos and 4 videos, allowing you to go into the Gallery and find that perfect screen capture.

Of course, these are just 3 of what we predict will be the S20’s hottest camera pictures. There are more, such as the ability to create gifs, capture burst photos, as well as a new feature that allows you to quickly begin recording. For all your mobile phones, mobile pricing, and contracts comparisons, browse our website today.