New features of the iPadOS 14

The iPadOS 14 introduces a whole new range of features for the beloved iPad. Apps have new sidebars making them more streamlined than ever and there are even new features for the Apple Pencil. System interactions have new designs that are specifically tailored to the iPad along with more outstanding AR experiences, which makes the iPadOS 14 deliver an incredible customer experience that keeps it in a class of its own.

The introduction of Scribble

The iPadOS 14 introduces Scribble, a feature that allows you to write in any text area where it will automatically change into typed text. When taking notes, your iPad will be able to recognise handwriting from drawings due to Smart Selection so your handwritten text can be selected, cut and pasted into another document. If you need to add diagrams when in Notes, Shape Recognition allows you to create shapes that are geometrically perfect and snap into place, creating clean illustrations.

More realistic AR

AR has proved to be hugely popular and a helpful tool, with ARKit 4 delivering brand new in-depth API that allows developers to have more precise information than before. Due to this, apps can have more powerful features such as taking more accurate body measurements for virtual try-on or seeing how certain paint would look in a specific room. Location Anchors have also been introduced which gives you higher resolution when in Apple Maps to pin AR experiences to a specific area in the world.

Enhanced apps and redesigned sidebars

FaceTime and calls now appear as a banner instead of taking up the entire screen, making it easier to answer or dismiss. Search has been completely rebuilt and its new design allows you to start a search from anywhere, without having to leave the app you’re in. Web searches themselves are also more refined, giving you more relevant suggestions with just a single tap. The sidebars in photos, Apple Music etc are all found in the same place, making it easier to navigate when in an app. Furthermore, toolbars and pull-down menus provide access to app controls all in one place.