4 ways to speed up your iPhone

Has it reached a point where your iPhone is slow or lagging? There are many reasons why your phone has slowed down, such as too many background processes running at once, outdated apps or insufficient memory, etc. So let’s face the issue head-on and go through some tips which will help you get your iPhone back to its normal running speed.

Close all nonessential apps

The majority of iPhones can multitask pretty well, but on the odd occasion, if you’re running a lot of resource-intensive apps such as editors and games, your phone will slow down and being to lag. This is more common on older iPhones that may not have sufficient memory space. Closing down apps that you don’t need should speed up your device.

Restart your phone

Another way is to restart your iPhone. After turning off your phone, wait for about 30 seconds before turning the device back on. By doing this, you are refreshing the system and automatically fixing any glitches that might be causing it to run at a slow speed.

Free up some storage space

If the tips above haven’t helped increase the speed, then your storage may be too full and needs clearing. To find out how much space you have, go to Settings – General – iPhone Storage. It would be wise to get rid of apps that you no longer use and sort through your photos, videos and music as they can take up quite a lot of space.

Reset to factory settings

The last resort would be to reset your iPhone to factory default. Please be aware that by doing this, all your data will be erased, so it’s vital that you back up your phone beforehand. Go to Reset in the General settings tab and select Erase All Content and Settings. You’ll have to enter your Apple ID and password to confirm the process. After doing this, your iPhone will be wiped clean and will return to the setup screen you saw when you initially turned on the device.