The iPhone 13 vs the Samsung Galaxy s22: comparing the newest phones from these leading brands

If you’re looking at investing in a new phone, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. In this blog, we compare the pros and cons of the newest additions to the market from leading phone brands – the iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy s22.

Pros and cons of the iPhone 13


• Powerful camera system: If you are an avid photographer, into the aesthetics of your Instagram, or enjoy taking photographs of family and friends for nostalgic memorabilia, this may be a benefit you want to consider.

• Increased battery life: The iPhone 13’s battery life is a step in the right direction for Apple, whose devices have previously been slammed for their poor battery life.

• Exceptional durability: If you’re known to be clumsy, this is a pro you want to prioritise.

• Faster response: For busy bodies on the go, you need a phone that matches your speed.


• Minimal design changes: Similar aesthetic to previous devices so not noticeably different.

• Slower charging than rivals: It may have better battery life, but the speed it takes to get there is longer than its competitors.

• Selfie camera sensor unchanged: With scrutiny about the front-facing camera’s quality and sensor, many expected a change which hasn’t happened.

Pros and cons of the Samsung Galaxy s22


• Excellent camera quality: Features a triple main camera for standard wide shots and optical zoom.

• Water resistant: Perfect to take swimming and on holiday and much more resilient for those with a hectic lifestyle.

• Knox security system: Improves data security providing users with peace of mind that all of their information is thoroughly protected.

• Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor: This means it has a much faster touch response than the optical fingerprint used by the majority of its competitors.


• Limited battery capabilities: Known to have a much poorer battery life, so if you need to use your phone a lot throughout the day, this may cause an issue for you.

• No headphone slot: This could cause an issue if you’re still using wired headphones and requires you to buy Bluetooth earphones, which could be costly.

• Smaller screen size: If you require or prefer a larger screen, this may not be the phone for you.

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