How to set-up SOS messaging on your mobile phone

The disappearance and death of marketing executive Sarah Everard has had a global impact. Discussions about how to stay safe at night are at the forefront of people’s minds and, as a result, more people have become aware of what was a little known feature on mobile phones – SOS messaging.

Many smartphones, including Apple and Android devices, have an in-built function that, when enabled, allows a set of chosen contacts to receive a message to alert them to your potential danger.

For Android phone users, triggering the defined action will send your location as a message to the contacts of your choice and can call someone immediately, attach photos taken through the rear and front cameras, and even attach short audio recordings.

If you tell your phone to send an SOS message, it will deliver a message to your designated emergency contacts, with your location attached so that they can locate you.

If you do not have access to these in-built functions, there are a vast array of applications designed to replicate their functionality or are designed to keep you safe.


This app, available for iOS and Android users, provides easy access to dial emergency services. If you feel uncomfortable, simply open up the app and tap the emergency button and, regardless of where you are in the world, it will dial your local emergency services.


This app does not automatically contact emergency services. It does, however, set up alerts to know when your child has got home or arrived at school.

The app has a paid option that allows you to set-up 100 different places with unlimited alerts. The free platform limits you to just two places for alerts and retains location history for two days. It is available on iOS and Android.

[b]bSafe – Never Walk Alone[/b]

With almost 10,000 downloads, this app has a wide range of tools that will keep you safe. The application idea came as a result of a father’s daughter being a victim of sexual assault.

Using a variety of tricks, such as voice activation, live streaming, fake call and a follow-me function, the user can feel confident that they are safer from becoming a victim of harassment or greater crime.

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