Rumours of new iPads from Apple in 2019

As we approach the arrival of Apple’s annual hardware announcements, people are preparing themselves for a host of new products to enjoy. The signs are telling us that more than one of the new products will be iPads. Documents from the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECC) were discovered by a tech website indicating that there could be as many as 5 new iPads to look forward to.

New models spotted

The model numbers that were spotted to have been listed among Apple’s new certifications were A2068, A2198, A2230, A2197 and A2228. There is little in the way of details regarding what these unnamed devices are, but one telling piece of information is that the models will be supplied with iPadOS 13, which does all but confirm that they are new iPad releases.

The question, then, is what these models will be like. There have long been rumours circulating of the launch of a slightly larger iPad at 10.2 inches, replacing the current 9.7-inch iPad that has been on the market for over a year. With regards to what the other models might include, there has been talk of a brand new 10.5-inch iPad with a never-before-seen design. Some have even spoken about a large foldable iPad, complete with 5G compatibility, but that device isn’t expected until 2020.

Analysing latest releases

The safe bet would be on a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The most high-end of Apple’s tablets underwent a substantial overhaul in 2018, but with that now being more than a year old, it’s a good candidate for a revamp. Earlier this year, we saw overhauls to the iPad Mini and iPad Air models with new, powerful A12 Bionic chips, alongside other impressive upgrades. It is therefore unlikely that Apple would revisit these two models after such a short time since those updates, though it’s impossible to be sure.

Tim Cook usually comes to the stage to make the latest announcements early in September. This means we are just a couple of months away from learning out the true identity of these mysterious new tablets, so look out for the rumour mill to start spinning into overdrive.