12 things to love about the iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 continues to be a really popular choice of handset, and it’s not hard to see why. Here are just 12 of the reasons we still think it’s a great choice:

1. It looks great

Apple have built themselves a well-deserved reputation for making beautiful products and the iPhone 12 is no exception. The sleek flat-edge design is a joy to hold and a dream to look at too.

2. It’s secure

Apple’s three-tiered security system will make sure your data is kept safe at all times. Apple are known for being big on privacy, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your new phone will be as secure as it is attractive.

3. It’s built to last

However much care you take, accidents can and do happen. Apple have your back though, ceramic shield technology makes the iPhone 12 a super durable model without losing any style. The toughened glass will survive more bumps and scrapes than previous models, without affecting the handset’s good looks.

4. There’s a model for every price range

Available in a range of screen sizes with varying camera options too, there’s a model to suit every pocket.

5. And a model for every style!

Bored of black and white phones? The iPhone 12 range comes in a fantastic variety of colours – from silver and gold through to red and green – choose whatever suits your style.

6. You can accessorise to your heart’s content too

Use the Magsafe range to add pockets, and charging ports, keep your AirPods handy… so many possibilities!

7. It’s super fast

Every model in the iPhone 12 range is 5G enabled.

8. It’s crystal clear

The Super Retina XDR display is sharp, colourful, and a joy to use.

9. It takes great photos

10. …and you can make movies too!

With a 4x zoom, excellent low-light photography and outstanding colours and clarity, you can capture everything in style.

11. It’s got fantastic flexible software

The iPhone 12 uses the iOS14 operating system, giving you more flexibility than ever. Make your phone work the way you want it to, with everything you love close at hand on your home screen.

12. It can be yours in no time!

Don’t torture yourself waiting for new releases or the latest model, have a look at our monthly contracts and get yourself a fantastic iPhone 12 in no time at all.