Rumours surrounding the upcoming iPad Pro 2022

According to Apple’s release schedule, the new iPad Pro 2022 will be with us soon. And if we are to believe the marketing, it will come with a host of new and exciting features.

The most anticipated of these will be wireless charging, something that is already available on Huawei’s MatePad Pro. Commentators believe that Apple will integrate its MagSafe wireless charging system on the new device, already available on other products in its range, including the iPhone 12, and iPhone 13.

What users want

Official details about the iPad Pro 2022 are thin. However, there are certain things that regular users are asking for. These include:

Reverse wireless charging

Rumours suggest that Apple may make reverse wireless charging possible on the new 2022 iPad. This means that it may be able to share its power reserves with other devices, acting as a kind of portable battery pack. If your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S22 battery runs low, you can simply hook it up to your iPad for some extra juice.

Such a feature would also help keep smaller accessories prone to running flat, such as AirPods, topped up. Innovations like these would certainly make long road trips better for customers.

A port

With wireless charging on the horizon, Apple will seriously consider getting rid of the port, too. It’s all part of the brand’s trend towards ever-sleeker designs.

However, most users won’t like this. The port comes in handy when attaching external drives and peripherals, particularly when using iPads for serious work. People want to be able to connect printers, keyboards and everything else they need for productivity.

Quality materials

Users also want the new iPad to come with the same (or better) materials as previous generations. Metal backs are a must. However, for inductive charging to work, Apple may need to implement different materials which could affect device quality.

The good news is that Apple says that it has found a workaround. The wireless charging coil, the company reports, will sit behind a large glass logo at the back of the device. Without this innovation, Apple may have to beef up the thickness of the chassis, which could prove unpopular.

In any event, the new iPad should be with us by the end of September.