Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra may be the best tablet for students

A tablet is one of the most useful tools for students who spend their days going between lectures and seminars. If you’re looking for the best tablet for students, look no further than Samsung’s latest incarnation of its portable stalwart – the Galaxy S8 Ultra.

Why students use tablet devices

Students use portable devices for taking notes, studying multiple sources and researching on the go – all without the need to lug a laptop around. You can also make quick, final edits to assignments before submission and easily use a variety of study apps whether working at home or in class.

You might not use a tablet for composing a long essay, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra has stylus support for note-taking and a solid camera for photographing texts. There’s also a microphone for recording lectures and notes can be written easily on the recorder app to remind yourself of key learning points at a later date.

The best features of choosing the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S8

Under the bonnet, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra packs up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. That makes it a little heavier than the best budget tablets for studying but not so you’ll notice and allows for the running of more powerful apps than many students will need.

The S8 Ultra has a premium larger-than-standard 14.6-inch screen. That’s bigger than, say, the 2022 Apple iPad Air but is still compact enough that you’ll not be encroaching on a fellow student’s desk space. The overall package is satisfyingly slim and sleek.

Arriving with Samsung’s Notes software, the stylus allows for making quick notes, a sketch or a doodle. Quickly choosing the highlighter tool means you can make important parts stand out. The neat split screen display enables quick opening and closing of apps or comparing different documents alongside each other.

In a nutshell, reasons for choosing the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S8

There are more powerful tablets at the top end of the market than the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S8 but they’re usually chosen by students on creative and technical courses.

The Samsung Galaxy Ultra S8 is about the best tablet there is for meeting the everyday (and more) needs of almost all scholars who while might not need the highest specs still need to keep an eye on their budget. Be sure to check out the best monthly contract deals too if you’ll need data on the go.