3 cool Samsung Galaxy S22 features you might not know about

Launched at the end of February 2022, the Galaxy S22 handset from Samsung has proved very popular with Android users. Combining stunning looks with awesome visuals, epic sound and cutting-edge processing tech, it really is one of the best mobile phones on the market. Although users might know about the most common features this smartphone contains, there might be a few hidden gems you might not have come across yet.

But what are the coolest Galaxy S22 features you might not know about?

Dark mode for all apps

One of the best things about the Samsung Galaxy S22 is its dark mode functionality. Many users can find third-party apps that don’t seem to have this mode enabled. There is a way to fix this! If you go into ‘Settings’, then ‘About Phone’ and ‘Software Information’, you need to tap the ‘Build Number’ option 7 times. After this, go back into ‘Settings’ and ‘Developer Options’ before toggling on ‘Force Dark Mode’ in the ‘Hardware Accelerations Rendering’ sub-menu.

Stop phone screen from turning off

All Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets have a function which turns off your screen after a set period of inactivity. While this can be useful, there may be times it is actually a bit annoying (when reading a lengthy online article for example).

While you could simply increase how long your phone will wait before turning the screen off, there is another cool way to resolve this. If you go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Advanced Features’, you can then get into the ‘Motions and Gestures’ sub-menu. From there you need to toggle on ‘Keep Screen While Viewing’ to get the desired effect. As long as your face is in front of the phone’s camera after this, the screen will stay on.

Turn on Dolby Atmos

The sound of this handset is pretty awesome anyway but you can make it even better by turning on the Dolby Atmos feature. This will give your handset cinematic style surround sound. To turn this on, you need to head to ‘Settings’, ‘Sound Quality and Effects’ and then toggle ‘Dolby Atmos’ on. Once this is done, you should notice the difference.

Samsung Galaxy S22 at Foned

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