Why the camera on the new Sony Xperia 1 IV is a game changer

There can be no denying that smartphone cameras have become a lot more powerful in recent years, however, the zoom capacity of many phone cameras remains sub-par.

Until now. The new Sony Xperia 1 IV features a groundbreaking camera that will change the future of smartphone capabilities.

The death of digital zoom?

Until recently, digital zooming was the only option when it came to focusing on far-away objects, but this usually came at the cost of a grainy image. Now, Sony has launched the Xperia 1 IV which comes with an optical zoom lens that will take your photography to the next level.

It’s zoom, but not as we know it

The Xperia 1 range has been Sony’s flagship smartphone and the new Xperia 1 IV is no different. The inclusion of a telephoto lens that moves and allows the user to take 3.5x to 5.2x zoom images without the need for digital zoom is sure to excite photography fans everywhere. Now you will not have to put up with substandard digitally zoomed images full of noise and pixelation.

4K all the way

In addition to the optical zoom function, Sony has also included a new feature that allows the user to record 4K video at 120fps on all four of its cameras, with the front-facing camera just as capable of recording 4K as the three on the back. This is a smartphone designed with the photo-loving user in mind and it comes with a powerful 4k display and a ton of apps for entertainment and productivity. This includes an app for sound recording that also gives the user the ability to mix, layer and clean sounds.

The Photography enthusiast’s smartphone

Sony’s Xperia range has built a reputation for being amongst the best smartphones for creatives and these latest additions are sure to keep them on a level playing field with Apple and Samsung. The camera on the Xperia 1 IV has been designed with the more technically gifted user in mind, rather than for those who just want to point-and-shoot.

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