4 fun ways to use your Samsung phone

Nowadays, mobile phones have awesome technological capabilities that mean that they aren’t just phones, but a whole lot more. Here are some epic ways that you can use your Samsung smartphone!

As a fitness monitor

You don’t even need an external app for this – Samsung has a fitness monitor built into the phone. With it you can track your steps, calories burned, heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep, as well as access fitness plans and ideas. Samsung Fit will show you your progress over time and encourage you to improve your fitness. You can also use it to log your workouts. This is a feature included in all Samsung smartphones released within the last 3 years, so start tracking your fitness today!

As a high-quality camera

The new Samsung S20 has some serious camera functions that you won’t find in other smartphones. It can record 8K video, so it’s perfect for people who like to capture their days this way, and has 30x zoom – the S20 Ultra even goes up to 100x! The S20 also has a mode called single take. Single take allows you to tap the shutter once and move around to capture the scene in front of you from different angles.

As your office

Samsung phones are compatible with both Microsoft Word and Google Docs apps. This means that wherever you are, you can get some work done easily. These applications have all the features that you’re used to on the desktop version, and once you’re finished editing, you can easily sync them so you can open them on other devices. Granted, the small screen means that the phone probably won’t replace your desktop, but it’s a great application for editing on the go!

As a voice recorder

Do you dream of being a podcaster? Or are voice notes easier for you to record than written ones? Whatever your needs are, you’ll find that Samsung phones have an excellent voice recorder that will give you flawless files in audio form.

As you can see, there are some wonderful ways to use your Samsung phone as an alternate device. Phones have certainly gone past the stage of merely being used for calls and texts – Samsung phones have some of the best features on the market.