Why the Apple Watch 4/5 series is a must for iphone users

Apple iPhones are great mobiles to own, and there are exciting additions which can make their functionality either better. The Apple Watch is a perfect choice and is available in a variety of models. But what are the benefits of owning one? Read on to find out more.

Safety and convenience

iPhones aren’t always simple to use for every age group. Older or the less abled might find navigating through lots of menus daunting.

The Apple Watch helps to make things more straightforward. There’s a choice of displays that just show the time, or more sophisticated faces which provide shortcuts to applications like maps, heart rate, and text and phone call notifications, amongst others. The Apple Watch can monitor the vulnerable, with its ability to check heart rate activity and fall detection (which can send a text to a loved one to alert them when there’s a problem). The mobile phone doesn’t even need to be nearby if the Apple Watch has built-in cellular and a plan.

Tracking activities

iPhones can get in the way of fitness activities. Times have changed since the early 2000s when mobiles were all about being compact. Bigger screens packed full of features have dominated the mobile market, but there’s an increased risk of the phone slipping out of a pocket, and the weight can be a distraction, leading to a slower time on the track. Apple watches can quickly sync with applications like MyFinessPal and MapMyWalk, so you can quickly log activities. On a mobile phone, navigating through multiple menus would be required.


Taking an iPhone out of your pocket isn’t always practical, especially on public transport, where there’s a chance of bumping into other passengers and dropping your device. A quick flick of the wrist and a few pushes of a button allows short messages to be sent, make contactless payments, and check emails. The best part about using an Apple Watch Series 4/5 is that it’s as secure as using an iPhone, with features like requiring a passcode to access the watch, and the option to erase data after ten incorrect password entries.

If you’re looking to get the most out of the iPhone you should strongly consider the Apple Watch. There are more functions available, to help you stay fit, healthy, and safe. The Apple Watch is beneficial for monitoring a vulnerable loved one, when travelling, or for keeping finances in check when on the move.