Are the new Apple Airpods Pro worth purchasing?

Back in October, Apple launched its new ‘true wireless earbuds,’ offering full noise cancellation and improved design, boasting a comfortable fit.

At a hefty £249 though in the UK, iPhone users need to be sure that they really are the best wireless headphones to be worth the extra cost.


In line with their iPhones, Apple has worked to improve the weight of their latest AirPods. In terms of comfort, they are very light, making it hard to notice that they’re even in your ear!

Unlike the AirPods 2, the stems are much shorter, which means that double-tapping them to skip a song or activate Siri is a bit trickier to achieve with precision. Although after a few days, you are soon able to adapt, and these actions become second nature.

The new earphones also adopt a silicone ear tip which seals up the entrance to the ear canal, broadcasting sound straight into your eardrum. These silicone strips are essential for blocking out external noise and, as a plus, create a better bass sound.

Another perk of these silicone ear tips is the more conventional design; they can easily be connected and removed from the AirPods thanks to the easy snap-on design, meaning no more squishy foam.

Are Apple AirPod Pros worth the cost in UK?

One great feature that Apple improved on their AirPods is the sensitivity of Siri. Listening to your every sound, Siri can now easily control music playback, answer calls and turn noise cancelling on and off.

On top of this, they have also developed small touch controls built into each of the stems which allow for you to control similar functions, meaning you don’t have to pull your phone out of your pocket to control them.


Unfortunately, one of the main limits of the AirPods is their durability when it comes to exercising. With their silicone ear tips, when sweat builds up over time, they can very easily begin to slip from your ears, which can get slightly annoying after a while.

Battery life:

One of the key developments of the new AirPods which Apple is immensely proud of is the feature to record the levels of decibels which your ears are listening to. If you’re conscious about your health, this is one great tool which can help you to prevent damage to your long-term hearing.

Our Verdict on the Airpods Pro

If you are looking for a great pair of earphones for everyday use which are easy to use and can perform basic health activities, then AirPods are a great purchase. However, if you’re looking for your next pair of sweat-proof sports earphones that don’t come with a hefty price tag, then there are certainly some cheaper alternatives out there.