What does the Samsung Galaxy S20 mean in the fight against Google’s Pixel range?

The Samsung S20 is Samsung’s latest flagship mobile phone, and it’s easy to see where the steps forward have come from. Compared to the Galaxy S10, the S20 has the ability to film 8K footage on its new array of cameras, a higher refresh rate and better pixel density. This explains why the price is a little higher, at £799 for the 128GB model. However, it’s not fighting against its own flagship for Android dominance, but Google’s.

Galaxy S20 vs Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel 4 is priced at £669, significantly lower than the Galaxy S20, and the gap in quality shows in a few places. The S20 has a far longer battery life so you can use it all day, comes with the capacity to expand your storage up to 1TB, and has both more RAM and a more recently released processor than the Pixel 4. In terms of hardware, if you want the faster phone the S20 is the right choice.

However, having a Pixel 4 comes with some advantages in terms of software. As the phone comes right from Google, Android updates will be applied much faster than on the S20, and Google’s Pixel UI comes with a great selection of features such as Live Caption on multimedia, working in real-time. For anyone hard of hearing, or wanting to quickly transcribe video or audio footage, Google’s Pixel 4 is an incredible step forward.

Galaxy S20+ vs Pixel 4XL

These two models have much the same competition between them as their smaller counterparts, in which Samsung’s product is more technologically impressive but Google’s option offers a far better range of software. However, on the S20+ the camera array offered by Samsung is really able to shine, thanks to the 3200x1440p resolution. The larger screen means that high-resolution images can be checked out in all their glory. Although the Pixel 4XL has a similar resolution, the lower pixel density and resolution means that for the bussing photographer, and S20+ is a far superior platform to look at your latest pictures.

The Verdict

Ultimately, both of these phones provide great options at their price points. Although the S20 is more costly, it is by far the better option for someone that’s after a phone that will run quickly throughout its entire life cycle. As a cheaper premium option, a Pixel 4 is fantastic value for money, but someone seeking the forefront of mobile phones should keep an eye out for an S20.