What can iPhone users expect from Apple’s new iOS 14 update?

Arguably THE most popular smartphone around still is Apple’s iPhone. Whether you are rocking an iPhone 7 plus or the latest iPhone SE, it is a handset that has constantly evolved to stay popular. In light of this, Apple has recently confirmed an iOS 14 system update for later in 2020. At a BETA testing stage for now, it looks set to be available to iPhone 6s users and above sometime around Autumn 2020. This wait has not stopped people getting very excited about it now though!

But just why could it be such a game-changer for iPhone users?

Giving the basics an overhaul

The first major thing that iOS 14 will deliver is a total revamp of the handset’s home screen. The new screen will show useful widgets to use which have been redesigned to great effect along with an App Library. This new App Library feature collects together all your Apps in one place and organises them for much easier use. Siri will also hover at the bottom of the home screen, rather than being in full-screen and incoming calls show up as notifications. All this should make it a lot easier to stay focused on what you are doing and not get distracted by things going full-screen all the time.

What else is there to enjoy in iOS 14?

Privacy looks set to be something that Apple beef up with iOS 14 for users. The company has gone to great lengths with this update to be careful about your data and stopping third parties being able to access it from your smartphone. Expect to see your iPhone ask for permission to share data or when an app wants to track you. There is also set to be a privacy rundown for every website in Safari you visit. In addition, a very welcome new feature for many will be an indicator light which comes on when your camera or mic is active.

Major news for Apple users

The annual iOS update is always worth knowing about so you understand what fresh features it brings to your iPhone. Along with all the above, Apple has also included lots of other new touches, such as device switching for AirPods and pinned messages. If you don’t already have an iPhone, this new operating system makes it very tempting to pick one up. Just remember to visit OneCompare before you do – we will help you find the best deals on this iconic handset with no fuss or hassle.