Apple hand out awards for best iPhone apps and games 2020

One of the key components of Apple’s calendar each year is its annual Design Awards. These are usually given out as part of its Worldwide Developers Conference. Although the conference was held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Design Awards were still given out as part of it. In all, a total of 8 games and apps were chosen by the tech giant to be officially recognised. Knowing who the awards went to is always interesting so you can pick up the best iPhone apps and games to use.

But who got the coveted trophies in 2020?

Apps which won Apple Design Awards 2020

There were 4 apps which the company decided made the most of iPhone tech and offered true excellence to users. Darkroom was one app to be given an award due to its ability to customise photos or videos taken on an iPhone. As a photo and video editor, it allows users to adjust certain elements like brightness or contrast for improved results.

Innovative animation app Looom was also included. This app allows users to create hand-drawn animations in an intuitive way and is lots of fun. For real techies, the Shapr3D app which picked up an award may be of interest. As a mobile CAD app which makes superb use of the Apple Pencil, it is very handy in professional design settings. Lastly, there was an award for StaffPad which gives users the chance to craft handwritten musical notation in an online sheet.

Which iPhone games grabbed a Design Award?

Apple also decided to give out prizes to 4 iPhone games in 2020. Sayonara Wild Hearts had already bagged an award from Apple in late 2019 but received another one. With motorcycles, lasers and skateboards, this cool game app is great fun to play. Sky: Children of the Light also picked up an award for the innovative world it takes players into while Song of Bloom drew praise for its artsy take on mobile gaming. Apple Arcade title Where Cards Fall was last to grab an award and found favour for its interesting theme and fresh take on puzzle gaming.

iPhone games and apps continue to amaze

As the above Apple 2020 Design Awards show, the range of apps and games for the iPhone is impressive. If you need to buy an iPhone first to check them out yourself, let OneCompare help. We bring together the best mobile contracts around for this range of handsets, so you can grab your new iPhone with no fuss.