Tips to keep your Android phone from overheating

Mobile phones help us carry out all sorts of tasks on a daily basis, such as making calls and responding to important emails. While doing all of these things, you might notice your phone getting increasingly hotter or at least warmer than usual. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to fix overheating on an Android phone, as you don’t want your mobile device to become stuck or shut down without warning.

Avoid short-term charger usage

Doing a quick charge of your phone can cause it to overheat, especially if the charger doesn’t specifically support quick charging. The best solution is to use the original charger that came with your phone, as it will ensure smoother running and will charge it fully. However tempting it may be, you should avoid using your phone when it’s charging as it will most definitely get hot due to all the power being used.

Remove unnecessary apps

There are some apps on your Android phone that will run in the background, even after you’ve closed them, that could cause your device to heat up. These specific apps will begin to affect the normal GPU and CPU operations, even filling up your Android device unnecessarily. You should therefore uninstall any unwanted apps and shut down any apps that are still running in the background.

Factory data reset

If your Android phone still heats up regularly, you should consider doing a factory reset. Doing this should be the last resort after all of the previous steps have failed. A factory reset wipes your phone clean, so it’s advisable to save your vital data and information before you proceed with the reset. To locate the factory data reset option, go to settings and then the backup and reset option. If you want to save your data before resetting the phone, click ‘backup and reset’.

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