3 cool ways to save battery life on your iPhone

Whether you have an older iPhone 7 Plus, a swish iPhone XR or the latest iPhone 12, they all need battery power to run. While the batteries in Apple’s range of mobile phones are cutting-edge, they still have a tendency to drain fairly quickly. This can often see you having to recharge your iPhone every day! You can improve the battery life of your iPhone though by using a few cool tricks to save power.

But what are the best 3 to think about trying?

Dial down your brightness

iPhone’s are so popular because they have a range of customisable options. Adjusting the brightness of your screen is one example. How bright you have it though impacts on how quickly your battery drains. This is because the backlighting tech which makes your screen brighter uses lots of battery power. To go longer between charges therefore, turn your brightness down a little (but ensure you can still see your screen properly).

Give auto-location a miss

Another cool feature which iPhones include are location services. This sees your handset automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks and provide accurate details of where it currently is. This is another big power drainer though and you may want to think about turning auto-location off, if not needed. This can be done in the Privacy sub-menu of the Settings menu.

Keep apps in check

One of the biggest drainers of battery life on iPhones is apps. While we are not suggesting you stop using them, you might want to get rid of any that you no longer like. If you only keep apps on your phone that you really need or want, it will save you lots of power and help your battery life. Another good tip for apps is always remembering to Force Quit them when not in use, as this saves them using battery power.

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