The Ups And Downs Of iOS 13.1.3

Like any Apple software updates, iOS 13.1.3’s release promised important improvements and crucial bug fixes, but concerns are already arising as to whether some of the biggest issues have actually been resolved. Following the release of iOS 13, reports began to circulate regarding issues with calls being dropped mid-conversation, and issues with rapid battery drainage throughout use. These issues were two of the most pressing for the wider iPhone audience, but are also concerns that this update doesn’t appear to tackle.

Phone experts, social media users and Apple’s support forums are still reporting that these issues are widespread. For that reason, the pressure is on for Apple and its development team to produce another update sooner rather than later.

It’s not all bad, however, as the update has still brought important fixes to some other pressing issues from the iOS 13 update, including solutions for:

  • Issues surrounding opening meeting invites in Mail
  • Issues preventing a device from ringing or vibrating when receiving a call
  • Problems with the downloading of Voice Memos and apps from iCloud Backup
  • Bugs with connecting Apple Watch and the iPhone
  • Issues with notifications not being received on Apple Watch
  • The Health app not showing correct information following Daylight Savings Time
  • Issues with Bluetooth connectivity for vehicles, hearing aids and headsets
  • Bugs relating to Game Centre apps

The Bluetooth fix, in particular, is one that Apple users are touting as one of the best, with most connections now being far more reliable and stable following the update. The same can also be said for Bluetooth on the iPad, following the iPad OS 13.1.3 update. The tablet-specific software update saw fixes for similar issues to the iPhone, including issues in opening meeting invites, download problems from iCloud Backup and launch performance for apps using Game Centre.

While Apple does have some work to do in order to truly bring its new iOS to the required standards, it’s an update that has drawn attention from not only existing iPhone users but also from Android users looking to make the switch. The new Dark Mode seems to be working smoothly and with new Siri voices, update privacy and security and new street-level views in Maps, it’s certainly one that could change how we use our iPhones – just as soon as Apple gets these bugs under control.

Photo: Hanging Apple by Andrew* licensed under Creative commons 5