3 key things to look out for on monthly mobile phone contracts

If you are planning on buying a mobile phone, then you will probably also be looking at what monthly contract deal to sign up with. Paying per month for mobile phones really is the best and most convenient option. It not only allows you to stay in control of what you spend but also avoids running out of money on your mobile when you need it most. Of course, it is wise to know what to look for in any monthly mobile pricing contract before agreeing to it.

But what are the 3 most common things to take into account?

1. Data

Whether you go with a brand new iPhone 12, a Samsung Galaxy s10e or an older iPhone 7 Plus, how much data you get to use each month is essential. Most people now spend a lot of time on the internet and this can see you eating into your monthly data allowance quickly. If you think you will use the internet lots when you get your new phone, making sure you have a decent data allowance per month (anything from 4GB up 20GB or even more) is vital. Or maybe you have kids or a partner who is constantly running out of data? See if there are any plans available which allow data sharing, which means you can give them some of yours. This can sometimes work out cheaper than having multiple high-data plans.

2. How many texts?

Next to online activity like video calls, checking emails or watching films, people mostly use their mobile phones for texting. A good tip if you send lots of texts each day is to look for a monthly plan with unlimited texts included. As the name suggests, this means you send as many as you like per month, without having to worry about paying any excess charges. If you do not send many texts, then you might decide a plan which gives you a limited number per month is feasible instead. Tip: Remember to check whether picture messages are included with your unlimited plan before you start sending them to all and sundry.

3. Amount of minutes per month

The last major thing to look at in any monthly mobile pricing deal is how many minutes you get. This basically refers to the amount of time you have each month to call people with. As with data and texts, if you have a set figure and go over it, excess charges will apply. If you plan to make lots of phone calls from your new mobile, try to get unlimited calls or a higher figure to be sure.

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So, there we have it – the 3 top things to look at when choosing your monthly mobile phone contract. Taking the above into account really is worthwhile, so you get the right deal and do not end up paying excess charges. For the latest deals on the market right now with lots of data, texts and minutes included, let us help. We bring together the best deals from the best mobile providers for you to take advantage of.