The best Apple AirPods alternatives

The Apple AirPods Pro is a definite improvement over its predecessors, the original AirPods and AirPods 2, but it still faces competition in both features and price. However, there are plenty of other brands offering their own earbuds for iOS and Android devices, with some being highlighted down below.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds can be seen as some of the best AirPod alternatives you can buy. Samsung manages to balance utility, power and comfort all within a sleek and polished package, with the ‘find my earbuds’ feature a helpful tool. While six hours of battery life is enough to fulfil most listening sessions, there is a seven-hour top-up available in the wireless charging case, though that doesn’t give you a lot of extra time. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, then you can keep the music going using your phone’s battery. AKG was in control of the drivers, which delivers excellent sound performance, especially when you begin to understand how its five equalizer modes influence your music.

RHA TrueConnect

For those who love the vertical pipe design of the AirPods, the RHA TrueConnect will be the ones to purchase. There are several options for silicone tips, which offer different levels of comfort and the sound signature promotes punchy bass that’s suitably tuned to avoid dominating your songs. Battery life doesn’t quite meet the Samsung Galaxy Buds, but the twenty extra hours available in the charging case makes up for it, and you can recharge 50% of its power in just fifteen minutes.

1More Stylish

The 1More Stylish has a pair of 7mm titanium drivers which produces a bass profile that’s punchy but not overwhelming, and Bluetooth AptX helps those subtle details pass through the air with ear-pleasing transparency, something that many earbuds ignore. A single charge will have you dancing around for six hours, and the charging case bumps it up to twenty-four hours before needing juice. You can skip through tracks with the multi-functional button, though it does lack volume controls. All of this sits in a metallic case that definitely lives up to its namesake.