Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: features to make life that bit easier

Earlier this year the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was unveiled and it got people talking. Due to the phone’s ‘flip’ feature, you might think it doesn’t have that many outstanding qualities. But if you take your time and see what this phone has to offer, you’ll be surprised at how many unique features there are. Listed down below are some of the Z Flip’s best features so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase one.

Single take

Single take is a brilliant new feature on the Z Flip that captures a whole load of photos and videos in, you guessed it – a single take. All you have to do is open your camera, tap Single Take in the bottom left corner, aim your camera where you want and press the shutter button. It will record for ten seconds before presenting you with a gallery where you can choose what to do with the different options available, such as time-lapses and photos.

Turn the front screen into a camera

When your phone is closed, there is a 1.1-inch screen that notifies you when you have messages and calls, but did you know that it can also be used for taking photos? All you have to do is point the screen at yourself and double-tap the power button on the side of the phone. You can either take the photo with the volume button or with movement by raising a palm and a countdown will start.

Experiment with Bixby Vision

Say you see an unusual piece of fruit in the supermarket and want to know what it is, this nifty little feature will help you. All you have to do is take a picture in Bixby Vision and it will try and match it online.

The split-screen feature

This is a great feature to get the most out of your Z Flip’s 6.7-inch screen. Pick an app that you want in split-screen and press down where you’ll be presented with a menu. Choose ‘Open in split-screen view’ and you’ll then be asked to pick another app, completing the split-screen process.