Samsung Galaxy A80 tricks

Even though the Samsung Galaxy A80 was released in 2019, it remains a popular buy that is filled with top-notch features such as a motorised camera. If you are thinking of buying an A80, it is only right to know a bit about it first. Read on to learn some useful Samsung Galaxy A80 tricks that will make your decision that little bit easier.

Enable landscape mode over screen rotation

Screen rotation is a handy feature that causes your screen to rotate according to your phone’s position. Sometimes though, it can be irritating, especially if you don’t want it to rotate. However, you can easily disable this feature in settings and just set certain apps to landscape mode instead. Open the app in question and rotate your phone so it’s landscape, then click on the pop-up window to view the app in landscape mode. You don’t have to alter any settings for this to appear as it is triggered automatically when you have disabled screen rotation.

Using Live Focus

One of the great things about the camera on the Galaxy A80 is Live Focus, a professional camera feature that lets you adjust the blur in a photo before capturing it. What’s more, you can adjust photos even after taking them. Simply open the camera and click on Live Focus. Here you will see an alignment line – simply adjust it to increase or decrease the blur of the background.

Enable full-screen for apps

The Galaxy A80’s screen is very large and because of this, some apps won’t run in full-screen mode. However, there is a hidden setting which allows you to do so. Go to Settings and tap on Display. Here you will find an option called ‘Full-Screen App’. Once you enable it, all your apps will run in full-screen mode.

Using super slow motion

This is a fantastic feature and is super easy to use. Open the camera, swipe left and tap on Super Slow Motion. If you enjoy creating videos, you’ll really like this feature.

If these tricks have impressed you, why not buy a Samsung Galaxy A80 today?