New competition for Apple AirPods

Apple’s AirPods have been a huge hit, so it isn’t a surprise that many other brands have sought to replicate this success. Since they launched in 2016, a range of replica products have been launched – and several of the larger Chinese manufacturers have sought to produce cheaper, reliable alternatives, to meet consumer demand.

With no sign in demand for wireless earphones slowing down – the next few months are likely to see some market heavyweights launching their own specific competitor products.


Leaks earlier this month indicate that Android smartphone maker HTC is set to introduce the HTC U Ear, a competitor with many similarities to the AirPod. The design, which has been FCC certified in the United States – look set to be released in the near future. This product may indicate that HTC is looking to regain a market share, having faced increased competition in the Android handset market.

Although the new HTC product appears to be very similar to the AirPod, both in appearance and functionality, a notable difference is the colour. In the initial images that have appeared online, there is an indication that HTC’s new offering will be black, rather than white. There is speculation that a wider range of colours may also become available. Another key differences that has been noted, is that the charging pins appear to be positioned on the front of the buds, rather than the end tips.

OnePlus wireless headphones

In further rumours now circulating amongst the technology press, it seems that OnePlus could also be jumping on the bandwagon, with their new set of wireless headphones, now tipped to be called “OnePlus Buds”. Rumours are mounting that this product will hit the market in July, although there has been no official confirmation of that. Regardless, it seems likely that the market for wireless headphones is expanding, and we can expect to see more from these big tech brands looking to make their mark, and carve out a slice of this growing consumer segment.