New iPhone iOS 14 update: Top 4 features to try out

Any update to the operating system for iPhones is big news. This makes the latest iOS 14 update from Apple something all iPhone fans will be interested in. The update was launched on 16th September 2020 and is available for handsets including the iPhone 11 series, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR, among others. It will of course be included in the new iPhone 12 when that is released too. When you look a bit deeper into the new update, it soon becomes clear that Apple have packed a lot into it.

But which are the best features to know about?

Siri update

The iPhones virtual assistant can get overlooked at times when Apple’s operating system gets an update. This is not the case with iOS 14 though! The company have packed 20 times more information into her than before which is impressive. There are also some cool new animations and the ability to send messages via Siri.

Fresh translation app

Another of the best new features is an app called Translate. This is similar to Google Translate and allows users to translate voice or text into a number of other languages. Apple has indicated that this app will also work without an internet connection, for when you are travelling to a far-flung place.

Picture in picture comes to the iPhone

Anyone who owns an iPad will know about this very handy feature. It allows you to shut down an application when a video is still running but then resize the video window however you like. This is naturally very useful if you like to multi-task while watching video from apps.

More emphasis on privacy

We all know how key it is to protect our privacy whilst online and iOS 14 has a few cool tricks to help. A new recording indicator is present, so you know when your smartphone is recording. There is also detailed privacy data inside the App Store and a thorough Web Privacy Report to tell you which sites are tracking your data.

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