3 smart ways to customise your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of kit for the money. Inside the small case are tons of features dedicated to keeping you safe, including the combining of a mobile phone and a watch. Whether you want to be more productive, healthy, or want to keep track of spending and fitness levels it’s a great addition to the iPhone. But, being an Apple product, style is important, and if you’re money-conscious or you’re stuck on how to get the most out of your watch, here are some simple ideas to try.

1. Bands

Bands can be expensive, especially if you buy directly from Apple. Sometimes watch straps can cost as much as an older iPhone, reaching the £100 mark. On top of this, the material a band can irritate your skin, leading to soreness or a rash. However, you aren’t limited by the materials available specifically for the Apple Watch. Did you know that you can make your bands? Apple Watch lugs (which connect to your Apple Watch) can be bought separately and can be used to make your band out of materials, from leathers, plastics, or fabrics with unique designs. The idea has also opened up the doors to use watch straps made for other devices made for Android or Apple.

2. Watch faces

A worry you might have had when you first bought your watch is: What if I hate the available clock faces? Surprisingly there are applications which allow you to create a design to match your personality. WatchMaker is an application which has over 100,000 custom choices, allowing you to choose the smallest details on your watch. Don’t like digital displays? Why not choose an old school analogue style, with your favourite coloured clock face?

3. Pendants and jewellery

Something which you might not have known about the Apple Watch is that you can also change the watch into a different accessory. Even though Apple Watch is named a watch, there are choices on how you wear the accessory. This opens up the doors to take advantage of the great features in whatever setting, whether you’re working or attending a wedding. If you find that the Apple Watch doesn’t fit your outfit and you’d prefer it to be more discreet, you can change your Apple Watch into a necklace.

The Apple Watch is more than just a “watch”. So, whether you’ve been looking for new ways to make the most out of your new Apple Watch, or you want to try something different to add a new unique side, you should give these ideas a go.