iPad tips for parents

Technology is an essential item for families in this day and age, but do you feel confident that you’re doing all that you possibly can to keep your kids safe when they’re on the iPad? Down below are some useful tips to help you make sure that your child is accessing quality content on their device and what it means to be parents of digital natives.

Permanently stop the ‘five more minutes’ dispute

We’ve all heard the ‘just five more minutes!’ argument only to be faced with a tantrum when those five minutes are up. Luckily, the iPad has a feature called Guided Access which allows you to set a time limit for certain apps. Your child will get a thirty-second warning before it goes into sleep mode – perfect for when they need to get some sleep as well. To do this, simply go to Accessibility in the Settings menu and tap Guided Access. Click Time Limits where you can choose a certain sound to be played, then open the app your child wants to use and triple-click the home button to turn on Guided Access. Touch Time Limit Options and set a time before hitting Start.

Manage what your kids can access

You can prevent your kids from viewing anything that you don’t want them to see, from specific movies and explicit content to restricting access to social media and certain websites. All you have to do is enable Restrictions in Settings and create a password. Choose the features and apps which you want to restrict and voila! It’s all done.

Keep the volume to a reasonable level

If your kids tend to crank up the volume a little too high for your liking, you can set a limit as to how far they can turn it up using the Volume Limit setting. However, if your child is a budding tech genius, you can stop them from re-setting the limit by tapping ‘Don’t Allow Changes’ to the Volume Limit. Simply go to Music in the Settings and select Volume Limit, then set the maximum volume level they can have.