How to protect your iPhone from water

iPhone models are great at keeping water out most of the time, but exactly how much moisture they can keep out is up for debate.

Apple and water-resistance

The iPhone XR boasts dust and water-resistance with an IP67 rating, which, according to Apple, means that your mobile phone can survive in 13 feet (4 metres) of water for up to 30 minutes. However, the older your iPhone is, the less accurate that claim becomes because Apple’s fine print suggests that the water-resistance of iPhones deteriorates over time. An iPhone is not a budget purchase, so if you are serious about protecting your mobile device, you should consider a tough case that can protect your mobile phone not only from bumps and knocks but also from wet weather and any accident involving water.

How can you protect your iPhone?

To protect your iPhone, look for a case that is fully sealed, as this will prevent moisture from seeping into your iPhone. You need a mobile phone case that is not only great at keeping liquid out but can also withstand accidental drops. You can easily find a wide range of hardwearing and robust cases for all recent iPhone models, but it’s important to remember that no mobile phone is completely indestructible. However, a durable, tough, waterproof case will give it much greater protection.

If you lead an active lifestyle and are worried about your iPhone surviving a major tumble, there are mobile phone cases available that offer protection for falls up to 20 feet (6 metres). These are constructed using a material called D3O, which is used in the military and is extremely tough. There are many brands out there that offer hardwearing, shockproof cases, which are available in a myriad of colours and patterns to suit everyone’s taste and budget, that offer a great level of protection.

If you are precious about your mobile phone and want to make sure it has maximum protection, then wrap it in a case that will withstand the test of time and any unfortunate accidents.