How to care for your Apple AirPods

Sleek, clean, wireless and ultra-modern, AirPods have revolutionised the world of music listening on the move. But, they do go in your ears and can get a bit yucky and one dropping out and disappearing down a drain is a nightmare scenario. So, here are a few tips for looking after your AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Give them a clean

Not only do they pick up whatever wax and bacteria lurk in your earhole, but dropping one which lands on a mucky floor will only add to the yack hidden on the surface of your AirPods. Add to that, the fact that an AirPods clogged up with muck will block the audio and muffle the music.

A cotton bud, a soft-bristled pastry brush, a microfibre cloth and a little rubbing alcohol are your friends here. Just be careful not to get any liquid inside the openings and charging ports and don’t use anything abrasive which could damage the AirPods themselves. Oh, and clean your ears regularly too!

Get some carrying straps – really?

They’re cool and they offer a superb stereo experience, so long as you have a pair you can pop in your ears. Which means losing one of your wire-free AirPods is going to be a disaster. And they aren’t exactly cheap to replace. They’re not waterproof – yet – so imagine the horror of one dropping down the loo for instance.

It may seem a little irrational to add a pair of – well, wires – to the latest wireless earphones but for those with oversized earholes, perhaps a pair of cords isn’t going to be a bad investment after all. You can also get foam tips to make the fit more comfortable.

Do the simple stuff

Yeah, yeah, who really reads the “how to care for your blah blah” leaflets that come with the latest tech. But, really, keep your AirPods away from extreme cold or hot temperatures, keep them in the charging case when not in use, go easy on them and for goodness sake don’t leave them in a pocket and put them through the washing machine!