Google’s Pixel 7: What can we expect from it?

Although Apple’s range of iPhones (such as the iPhone 13) and Samsung’s range of Galaxy handsets (such as the Galaxy S22) might dominate the smartphone market, they are not the only show in town. Over time, Google’s range of Pixel smartphones has picked up a loyal following. If you’re a fan, the upcoming launch of the Pixel 7 handset in October 2022 is big news. But what could we expect to see from it?

Awesome looks as standard

Google are so proud of their latest Pixel handset that they have already released official images for it. The good news is that it looks super-stylish and carries on where the Pixel 6 left off. In fact, it looks a lot like its predecessor but comes with an aluminium camera array on the rear (rather than a coloured one). The Pixel 7’s sleek looks should mean it’s a real hit and a phone you will love being seen with.

Camera set-up could be a big feature

The truth is that, bar the images released from Google, not much else has been confirmed for sure as yet. It seems the company are waiting until the launch in late 2022 to wow us all! One thing which has been heavily rumoured though is an update to the camera set-up in the Pixel 7. It is believed that the standard handset will come with 2 rear cameras, whilst the Pro version will come with 3. These will be perfect for capturing high-quality photos and cool selfies.

Latest version of Android OS included

Another thing which seems pretty nailed on is that Android 13 will be included to power the Pixel 7. This is the latest version of Android’s operating software and should see the Pixel 7 come with superb performance. In addition, it’s also thought that this handset will have the Tensor chipset included. This again should see it offer high-end performance and blazing fast speeds.

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