Samsung Galaxy S10 cheaper than the S9 model – true or false?

IT MAY SEEM too good to be true , OneCompare heard a rumour that the S9 model can be had for less (overall) than the S8, even though the S8 is a year older. Costs on the Samsung Galaxy S9 never truly appear to remain still, there is dependably another offer that conveys this gadget down to its most minimal cost yet and these two arrangements indicate exactly how shoddy this lead can get. Spoiler alert…one will make them pay under £500 over a multi year contract!

Because of a twofold risk of a cashback bargain coordinate from Samsung and tumbling duties from Mobiles, you can get your decision of extraordinary esteem S9 bargains. For just £40 forthright (when you use voucher code 10OFF code) and £23 every month you can get the S9 with 3GB of information on O2. That is as of now truly shoddy yet when you incorporate the £100 cashback you can at present get from Samsung (more subtleties on which beneath), it’s out and out a flat out deal.

Insufficient information for you? Or then again perhaps you’re only edgy to get your arrangement on EE. That is no issue since Mobiles likewise has a shoddy S9 offer with triple the information. For £30 forthright (with TechRadar’s selective TECH20 code) and £28 per month you can get the S9 with 9GB of information. What’s more, much the same as with the arrangement above you can drop that £100 cashback to finish everything.

So is it true?

Yes, it is. But you have to be savvy with your purchase and make sure you claim the Samsung cashback. As anyone knows who has tried to claim back money via cashback you have to jump through hoops — if you aren’t the type of person to remember then write it down somewhere!