What’s next for Samsung’s range of smartphones?

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 range of smartphones earlier in 2022 and the release of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 more recently made major headlines for the tech giant. It showcased not only the latest innovations Samsung packs into their products but also the cool design and fantastic features they come with. Any tech fan will therefore be eagerly looking ahead to what might come next from the company as move towards 2023.

But what new handsets might they have in the pipeline to look forward to?


We have already mentioned the Galaxy S22 range above – but did you know that Samsung already has the S23 series planned for launch? It is believed that this new line of Galaxy phones will be seen in February 2023.

As with the A54, details are a little thin on the ground yet, but it is thought that 3 new phones will form the range as usual. It would not be a surprise to see the latest Qualcomm Exynos 2300 chipset inside the S23 either. It is also a fair bet to think that an updated camera, fast charging and an OS update will all come with this new series of smartphones.


One new smartphone Samsung seems to have pencilled in for a 2023 release is the A54. As you would expect, this is due to be an update on the outstanding A53 smartphone which is believed to be down for a March 2023 launch.

Although there are almost no confirmed details as yet, many people expect to see an update to the phone’s camera array and 4K 60fps recording capability. In addition, many are hoping for an update to the phone’s processing power to make it even more punchy. If the A54 performs as well as its predecessor and comes with some cool new features, it will be a real winner.

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