The first clamshell smartphone – Motorola Razr

In the early 2000s, clamshell phones were some of the most popular models. These phones featured a hinged design, allowing you to ‘open’ the clamshell to answer calls and access the main screen and buttons. On the outside, there was often a small LCD screen showing just the most essential information. Usually, that essential information was the current date and time.

Are clamshell phones making a comeback?

– Introducing the new Motorola Razr

Back in the good old days, Motorola Razr phones were amongst the most popular models. These were clamshell phones that featured a flatter design than most on the market, and would open to reveal a large keyboard on one half and a colour screen on the other.

Now, the Razr is back. The first clamshell touchscreen smartphone is a new Motorola Razr, and is a bit of an unusual addition to the smartphone market.

Being a touchscreen smartphone, the new Razr has no need for a keyboard. Instead, it features a full-size screen that effortlessly bends in the middle. Folded out, it looks a lot like your typical Samsung Galaxy or most other mobile phones. In fact, you can’t even see a crease or a line on the screen. But, cleverly, the phone folds in half to hide this full screen away. Just like old Motorola Razr devices, there is a smaller screen on the outside of the phone when it’s closed.

– Are clamshell phones making a comeback?

Right now, the new Razr is something of a novelty. It’s a design that will appeal to many people, and might be great for those that frequently drop their smartphones. The clamshell design protects the big screen, when you’re not using your device.

But, the jury is out on whether this is the comeback of clamshell devices. Motorola has worked hard on creating an impressive scratch-proof and flexible screen, showing that it really can be done. Will your favourite smartphone brands bring out their own versions – a Samsung Galaxy clamshell – or will the Razr end up being the only device of its type?