Samsung fans unlikely to see Galaxy Fold Lite at Unpacked

When it comes to mobile phones in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy range is one of the most popular. It is THE major competitor to Apple’s iPhone and loved by many people across the country. When you look at feature-packed models like the S20 or the Galaxy S10e, it is easy to see why. Galaxy fans had, therefore, been getting quite excited about a new foldable smartphone that was rumoured to be set for launch. Recent reports though suggest that it might not be ready now until later in the year.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite not at Unpacked event

Early August 2020 will see Samsung host a major event called Unpacked. This will allow the tech giant to unveil a range of new handsets to the public. Many had believed one of these would be the much anticipated Galaxy Fold Lite. Reports coming out of the sector now suggest that this is unlikely to happen. Delays with the software and hardware the phone needs seem to be the cause. This has prompted many to predict the new handset will be ready later in 2020.

But why is there so much hype around the Fold Lite?

Entry level foldable handset

Although hard facts about the Fold Lite may be scarce for now, many have hinted that Samsung has been busy working away on it for a while. But why does it get people so excited? The main reason lies in that it could make the foldable smartphone market accessible to many more people. Rumours suggest that Samsung will price it at around the £750 mark, which is less costly than other foldable models. If true, this would make the Fold Lite the cheapest foldable handset on the market. Pricing like this would also help the Fold Lite be more competitive with non-foldable handsets like the iPhone 12.

Watch this space!

For now, it really is a case of watch this space. The Fold Lite seems unlikely to get a launch at August 2020’s Unpacked event as Samsung is waiting to have it spot on before release. With late 2020 being predicted as the revised date for launch, you may have to wait a while yet to get your hands on it. If you need a feature-packed and stylish Galaxy mobile phone before then though, check out oneCompare today for the best deals around.