Mobile contracts or buy outright: Why are contracts the best way to get your next phone?

If you’re looking out for a new phone and you’re considering a top of the line model, something like an iPhone 13, a Galaxy S22 or a Pixel 6 might be a tempting prospect. After all, these provide great levels of performance. However, paying for them outright is difficult. Read on to learn more about why paying through a contract is a better way forwards for your next phone choice.

Controlled payment

Paying with monthly contracts comes with the key benefit of having controlled and consistent payments at a low cost. When buying a phone outright you spend a significant amount of money on the initial purchase of the phone. Depending on the model of the phone, this can be more than a thousand pounds. In these cases, monthly payments make paying for your phone significantly more manageable than buying a phone outright and then continuing to pay for a contract on top of that.

Added extras

On many mobile contracts, there are options for plenty of added extras. These range from simpler extras such as making sure that your phone has insurance to more extravagant extras such as free devices or subscriptions. This is an option that you don’t have when you buy a phone of your own and opt for a SIM-only contract. Paying a monthly contract means that you have the opportunity to expand your contract to be much more than a phone.


Another key benefit of choosing a mobile contract is the level of flexibility you have. The majority of providers allow a degree of flexibility in the contract, allowing users to have more data, more texts and more calls depending on their specific needs. Having a monthly contract means that you have plenty of flexibility to design a package that suits your needs perfectly, allowing you to make the most of your phone.

Try Foned

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