Is Apple about to discontinue the iPhone XR?

Mobile phone industry insiders expect Apple to announce a new range of products in October this year. As anticipation surrounding the launch of the iPhone 12 continues to build, rumours abound that the tech giant is expected to discontinue the production of two of its existing mobile phones during the launch event.

Production is expected to cease on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR. In addition to this, the price of the standard iPhone 11 is expected to be slashed by approximately £115 at retail. However, while the rumour-mill is in full swing – particularly across social media channels – it’s worthwhile pointing out that none of this information has been confirmed by Apple officials. Instead, the cancellation of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XR are thought to be industry predictions, based on previous Apple marketing tactics during launch events.

Familiar strategy

The discontinuation of one or more Apple iPhone devices wouldn’t be particularly surprising, given the brand’s previous track record. During the launch for the iPhone 11, the iPhone XS and XS Max were both suddenly dropped. Apple tends to only carry a few different types of mobile phone at once, while third-party retailers continue to offer discontinued models.

The theory behind the iPhone XR discontinuation holds water. After all, the iPhone SE launched earlier this year and is more powerful and more affordable than the XR model – although for now, iPhone fans will have to wait and see if the cancellation rumours are true.

Rumours and the impact they have

Mobile pricing could fluctuate as a result of the Apple rumour-mill getting into full swing. Fears that the iPhone XR may no longer be supported by the company from October onwards could cause third-party vendors to reduce the prices of individual handsets or mobile contracts.

iPhone 12 incoming

Industry experts are expecting the iPhone 12 to launch with no less than four different models to choose from. It’s likely that each of these will fill a gap already plugged by the likes of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 – thereby making it more likely that Apple will discontinue at least one of them come October.

Until then, it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on fluctuating mobile phone prices to take advantage of the best possible deals out there.