4 of the best must-have iPhone accessories in 2022

Smartphones have had an unmistakable impact on how we live our lives today. Each new Apple release brings new capabilities and functionality, with many of us finding them integral parts of our work and home life.

A growing number of innovative accessories have been brought to the market to take full advantage of new features. Below is our definitive guide to 4 of the best and most essential accessories for any iPhone user.

Wireless charger:

There is nothing worse than the panicked searching for a charging cable as your phone hangs on to its 1% remaining battery life, frantically untangling cables to no avail. Since the iPhone 8 release, Apple has supported wireless charging. Simply place your phone on the sleek charging mat and the phone begins charging; a great minimalist accessory for your office desk or bedside table.

Power bank:

Like all electrical devices, smartphones need charging, which is easier said than done whilst out hiking or at a festival taking dozens of pictures. A power bank is a great little portable charging station for those emergency charges whilst on the move. Small and lightweight, it can easily be placed in your bag and carried around until needed.

HDMI cable adapter:

Whether you want to show your friends a funny video or have a family Zoom call, the challenge to all squash together to see the screen is common. An Apple HDMI adapter allows you to simply plug your phone into your TV and watch videos with the whole room without having to crowd around a single smartphone screen.

Wireless headphones:

We have all spent more time than we would care to admit untangling headphones which we have dug out from the bottom of our bag. Wireless headphones make this a thing of the past. Whether you’re listening to a podcast on your commute or pumping iron in the gym, one less cable in your life can only be a good thing.

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