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Above you see an overview of all Lebara SIM only offers. Comparing is easy, and saves a lot on your new SIM-only subscription.

In addition to affordable SIM-only bundles, Lebara also offers free number portability.



With Lebara you have a cheap sim only on the reliable network. That means: Always and everywhere fast and stable internet, while you still have one of the cheapest SIM-only subscriptions. Internet, unlimited or not? If you choose a sim only from Lebara, you get 4G internet up to 10GB. The speed of the internet is a maximum of 150 Mbps. That is more than enough for most people.


Unlimited calling

Do you want unlimited calls with a Lebara sim only? Now you can! You can choose between 150 minutes/text per month, or completely unlimited calls with Lebara. If you don't call that often, 150 mins is sufficient. Never want to think about how long you're on the phone? For 1 pound more you have unlimited calls and SMS.


Duration of your sim only subscription

Lebara offers both monthly terminable SIM-only contracts, as well as the even cheaper 2-year SIM-only subscriptions. You can increase or decrease both subscriptions for free on a monthly basis. That is optimal freedom at Lebara! Low bill? Lebara now has an offer without connection costs, so you pay even less on the first invoice! Lebara also offers a call ceiling that allows you to incur a maximum of £10 in costs outside your bundle each month. This way you will never be surprised by a high bill.


Phoning Abroad

In the UK, Lebara is probably best know for this very feature! With competitive rates for calling and texting to the entire EU, as well as popular countries such as China, Turkey, and Morocco, Lebara is very popular with many immigrants and expats, among others. If you regularly call abroad, Lebara is definitely the right SIM only for you.


Lebara business

At Lebara you can also take out a business SIM-only subscription. The international bundle with which you can make unlimited calls to countries such as China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Canada and the United States makes the subscription very suitable for business users.