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About Vodafone:

If you want to compare Vodafone SIM only, then you've come to the right place. Above you will find all Vodafone sim only offers, from small and modest to really unlimited. Network With a sim only subscription from Vodafone, you are of course also on its own Vodafone network.

The Vodafone network supports both 4G and 5G, so if your phone already supports it, you immediately benefit from the fastest 5G network.

Internet, do you want it unlimited or not?

Vodafone "Start"

Vodafone offers 2 sim only subscription types, namely 'Start' and 'Red'. With a Vodafone-Start SIM Only you get a small or medium-sized internet bundle on the 4G network of Vodafone. With a Red subscription, in addition to unlimited calling, you also get considerably more data, and even the option of unlimited internet at Vodafone. Unlimited calling Do you want unlimited calls with your Vodafone sim only? Now you can! You can choose between 150 minutes per month with a Start subscription, and completely unlimited calls with a Red subscription with Vodafone. If you don't call that often, 150 is sufficient.

Never want to think about how long you're on the phone? With a Red subscription, you always have unlimited calls and texts in addition to larger data bundles. Duration of your sim only subscription Unfortunately, your Vodafone sim only cannot be canceled monthly.

With Vodafone you always choose a SIM only of 1 year or a SIM only of 2 years. Of course, a longer-term SIM-only subscription is always slightly cheaper with Vodafone. Extra discount If you are a Ziggo customer for your fixed internet, you will receive a package discount with Vodafone. This means that as a Ziggo customer you receive a discount of up to £5 per month, you benefit from twice as many MBs in your data bundle, and you receive an extra TV package of your choice. With Vodafone sim only number porting is also free, always. International rates


Vodafone Sim only

Vodafone has relatively competitive sim only rates for abroad. Our own research has shown that Vodafone is in many cases the cheapest SIM-only provider if you travel abroad a lot.


Business + Vodafone

You can also take out a business SIM only with Vodafone.

Compare your business Vodafone sim only in our business sim only comparator. Vodafone eSIM Vodafone offers the option to place your number on an e-SIM. This is a digital SIM card built into some phones. For example, you can use multiple numbers on your phone, which is handy for separating private and business on 1 device or to leave room for a foreign SIM card during your vacations.

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