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O2 is one of the UK's most well-known networks; it has decent coverage and plenty of mobile contract offers to choose from. Here we take a look at the positives and negatives of O2 and to see if it's a good fit for you and your new mobile phone or device.

O2 (owned by Telefónica) is one of the UK's award-winning network operators, though they're actually Dutch-Spanish-American now! But regardless, since 2002, the mobile communications provider has been offering high-speed mobile and landline products as well as innovative additional services that are known above all for their flexibility and high quality at affordable prices.

What tariffs can I get with O2 in the UK?

Takea look at the O2 website here https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/all-tariffs , for the latest updated prices. These change fairly often so it's better to check the o2 website direct.

Is O2 Refresh still worth it?

O2 Refresh splits your Pay Monthly bill into two parts. The Device Plan is the cost of your phone or tablet, and the Airtime Plan is the cost of your data, minutes and texts. You can trade in your phone at any time and put the cash towards paying off your Device Plan. Leaving you free to upgrade to the latest device, with nothing to pay upfront. Find out more here at the o2 website.

O2 Plans: Quick History

O2 have an interesting history (no, really). They proved to be an innovative provider early on, in fact from the outset the network relied on the cost-effective combination of landline and mobile communications. Nowadays, O2 is a core brand of Telefónica, which was merged with E-Plus in 2014. Since then, around 27 million Britons have used this network, making o2 the largest mobile phone provider in the UK for a time.

For you as a customer, this is particularly noticeable in the first-class surfing speeds you can get. If you are satisfied with your contract with O2 and you extend it after the minimum term has expired, you will also be rewarded with further advantages from the network operator and a new mobile phone is also conceivable at any time.

Whether an improved data volume, higher speeds in terms of data transmission with the mobile phone contracts from o2 you are always well equipped for everyday digital life. Furthermore, you can enjoy the power of sing your O2 SIM anywhere with roaming. With EU-wide roaming, your smartphone can automatically detect and select the better network without costing you a penny more than usual.

So, whether in the country or in the city - you can safely rely on O2 tariffs for your mobile phone contract, surf, text and make calls from anywhere quickly and without connection problems.

Can I get a 5G plan with O2?

Absolutely! O2 now has both 4G/LTE and 5G standards, so you can surf the web quickly at all times. If you would like to opt for the 5G network, you can check the network coverage here. 5G tariffs are becoming increasingly more common, in the UK. And so O2 has also been using the latest mobile communications standard since 2020, which ensures significantly faster speeds.

The 5G network has many other advantages - for both you and your 5G-enabled mobile tablet or phone... Mobile users in particular can look forward to even faster and more stable data transmission. With the 5G network you can surf and stream almost in real time. Think I'm exaggerating? Then get the best 5G tariffs with a top 5G-capable smartphone here at Foned and see for yourself!

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