What features are likely to be in the new Sony Experia 1 V?

It doesn’t seem long ago since we covered the Experia 1 IV, but Sony’s latest competitor for the iPhone 13 and 14’s crown is already looming large on the horizon. The Experia 1 V is expected to hit the shelves in mid-2023, so if you’ve got a contract up for renewal around then and you’re considering your options for monthly contracts, now’s a good time to look ahead and see what features Sony’s next flagship might be packing.


As the Experia line has a track record of including high-quality camera’s in their design, expect the V to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible on a smartphone. The IV wowed users with four lenses boasting 12MP each – ultra-wide, wide, telephoto and selfie – with Zeiss technology sealing a tight camera package. With Sony claiming that smartphone images will exceed those taken by DSLRs within two years, expect improvement here, with bigger image sensors and better lenses likely.

Operating software

Sony has a reputation for offering powerful Android phones, and it’s likely its new model will feature the latest Android software. With Android 14 expected to drop in early-mid 2023, the V may well ship with it. The operating system has been touted to have features that load online videos faster, as well as satellite connectivity. On the downside, some apps may be lost to users if they fail to keep up, as it’s possible that 64-bit processor compatibility will be a new minimum.

Temperature control

A common complaint about the IV is that it overheats, particularly when shooting video. This fact has not eluded Sony, so expect cooler phones to prevail with the V.


It’s been rumoured that the V will include an LPTO panel screen, bringing greater power efficiency and hence battery life, thanks to the ability to offer variable refresh rates.


With the launch price for the Experia 1 IV coming in at approximately £1300, the V is unlikely to come cheap, but with a monthly price on the contract, it should be more affordable to consumers.

Of course we won’t know exactly what to expect until Sony drops some news, so watch this space for the latest info and mobile contracts comparison.